New Caledonia Weather

New Caledonia is a breathtaking destination, with rainforest mountains the backdrop to pristine white beaches, an intense aquamarine ocean and lagoons. New Caledonia sits in a tropical climate and, like most tropical islands, has 2 main seasons. The wet season brings one and half to two metres of rain each year between December and March. The dry season is also the coolest with temperatures between 17-27 °C from Aril to November.

The Noumea beaches, some of the island’s best, are nestled right beside the vibrant capital city, and the island’s coastline is staggered with vast stretches of warm sands and intimate coves. The trade winds at night blow away the heat from the day making nighttime pleasantly cool all year round.

Cool down enjoying some of the aquatic New Caledonia activities including outriggers, kite skiing, wind surfing, yachting, wake boarding, jet skis and loads of other options.

Noumea New Caledonia Weather Forecast