New Caledonia Surfing

If you’re planning a holiday in spectacular New Caledonia in the South Pacific, you won’t have any shortage of activities to enjoy. And with the gloriously tropical New Caledonia weather it’s no wonder that many of these activities revolve around water – diving, sailing, snorkelling, swimming and of course, surfing.

That’s right, surfing. Powerful swells form in the Tasman Sea, created between Australia and New Zealand. The New Caledonia surfing season extends from March until October, with the peak season being May to August.

However you won’t be surfing directly from the beach in New Caledonia. A map will show you that the 400 mile barrier reef is anywhere from three to twelve miles offshore and you will need to access the reef passes by boat.

Once you’ve arranged your New Caledonia surf yacht charter, there are over 200 reef breaks to choose from. On a charter holiday, experts will take you to the best and most consistent breaks.