New Caledonia Entertainment

There is a great range of entertainment to choose from when you holiday in New Caledonia. Try your luck at either of the two casinos, enjoy the latest music at one of the many effervescent nightclubs and discos or go to a French film at the cinemas.

Visit one of the ethnic bars to hear some South Pacific Islands’ music.
Melanesian singers performing their traditional tunes in their native costumes of sarong or loincloths will leave a lasting memory. The energetic beat will linger late into the night! Check your New Caledonia tourism guide and map of Noumea (plus Isle of Pines) to see where to find the best entertainment.

If you are in New Caledonia on a Thursday night, take yourself down to Anse Vata. Here, the Promenade Roger Laroque changes from the daytime joggers, rollerbladers and tourists to a fair complete with merchants, local music, numerous performers and craftsmen with their wares.

In Noumea, stroll down the Baie de la Moselle and the tree-lined Place des Cocotiers to discover the heart of the city. Explore one of the many markets displaying the local produce: the La Foa market is open from 7:30 a.m. till 2 p.m. every day.

Wherever you stay in New Caledonia, there is always a cosmopolitan nightlife. The Isle of Pines also enjoys nightclubs and many restaurants for your dining pleasure. The French have given their vibrant nightlife to this country, along with the many nationalities which make New Caledonia such a vibrant, pulsing, energetic centre it is today.